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Derived from the Chinese, the word "Haitian" is much more than a company name. The words "hai" (sea) and "tian" (sky) have helped shape the company's vision since its founding. Water typifies dignity and represents the diversity of technological potential. The sky represents the limitless potential of imaginative creativity. Since 1966, these ideals have served as the motivation for Haitian to invest energy and capital into its product improvement.

The worldwide success of Haitian can be attributed in part to the teamwork that has played such an instrumental role in the company's culture. Haitian encourages its employees to engage in physical recreation activities together in order to create an environment that fosters teamwork, fuels the creative process, and drives a company philosophy known as "management by motivation."

Utilizing a large park on our Ningbo campus, as well as our well-appointed cultural center, we encourage vitality and motivation of work colleagues. This style of management through motivation allows colleagues to identify themselves with our business targets, and embrace Haitian core values such as customer orientation, cost efficiency and quality awareness. Creating such a culture has enabled Haitian to see its continued growth strategy come to fruition.