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Manufacturing strength

The Haitian Precision manufacturing system realized leap-forward development on scale with its production during the "eleven five" period. Among the product successes were the horizontal machining center, the large moving crossrail GE series double-column five-face machining center, a large-rail grinding machining center, a large Gentry five-face machining center and others. Key equipment was developed for more than 120 sets, initially from the CNC machine tool manufacturing base produced in the Chang Jiang River region.

Haitian Precision equipment realizes the role that dependence on imports played on the success of its self-manufacturing platform. Precision independent processing centers and imported equipment both played an important role in ensuring that the company met its responsibilities and obligations. The Haitian Precision machines are:

  • 15 large crossbeam lifting five-face machining sets
  • 24 horizontal machining center sets
  • 6 large-rail grinder sets
  • 18 Gentry five-face machining center sets
  • 12 Gentry processing center sets